I Said Yes To The Dress

Yesterday was a very special day for me, as I finally said yes to the dress!! I woke up feeling not very hopeful for my bridal appointment if I'm honest. I think I was getting to a stage where I was thinking I would never find the perfect bridal dress, due to all my other... Continue Reading →


What I Got For My 31st Birthday

Hey everyone and welcome back. If you have seen yesterday’s blog post, then you will have known that it was my Birthday on Thursday. So today I thought I would share with you all, what i was generously gifted on my 31st Birthday.   Overnight stay in one of my favourite hotels in Glasgow Afternoon... Continue Reading →

My 31st Birthday

Hey Everyone, and happy Friday. Yesterday was my 31st Birthday!! I honestly can’t believe I am 31 already, I still feel like I am 20. I am not really into celebrating my birthday to be honest, as it’s just another day really. However I had made plans this year to see my family and friends.... Continue Reading →

Weigh In Day – Week Nineteen

Hey everyone and welcome back. Todays weigh in post is coming to you a day earlier this week. It is my 31st Birthday today, and I am going out for some cake later,  so thought it was best to weigh in a day earlier than normal. This week has went really great, it is the... Continue Reading →

Weekend Update

Hey everyone, happy Sunday! How has your weekend been? I hope your having a nice relaxing day. This weekend has been busy, and also relaxing for me. On Friday night John came home from work and surprised me with the ingredients to make one of my favourite cocktails, Pina Colada. It was my cheat day... Continue Reading →

Weigh In Day – Week Eighteen

Hey everyone and welcome back to another weigh in day result. In last week's blog I told you all how I was stuck in the same bad habits when it came to the weekends, and how I was going to try my best and get back on track before Sunday. However, surprise surprise that didn't... Continue Reading →

ME/CFS International Awareness Day

Hey Everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today is ME/CFS International awareness day, so I of course wanted to mark the occasion with a new blog post. If you have been following my blog from the very beginning, you will know already that I have suffered from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the past... Continue Reading →

Weigh In Day – Week Seventeen

Hey everyone, happy Friday. I hope you are all having a great day! Today is week seventeen of my weight loss journey. I honestly can’t believe I’ve been following slimming world for this long! I know a few weeks have definitely been off plan, however I am delighted that I haven’t fallen off the band... Continue Reading →


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